Crème Dreams .

Crème Candle Co. was created during the most uncertain of times. As a full-time student and recent Army veteran, I found myself suffering from severe anxiety, depression, and lack of sleep. I desperately needed a positive outlet that would allow me to focus and channel my energy. Candles have always been apart of my household, both as a child and as an adult. They brought me much comfort while in the military away from my home, family and friends. In 2020, I began to make my own candles at home and instill them intentionally into my morning & evening self care routine. My mornings became so peaceful and intentional that it gave me the courage to provide the same comfort and uplifting experience for others, but in the most luxurious and sustainable way! After many months of research, practice, & prayer I was able to create eco-conscious + natural products that LIGHTEN your life + ELEVATE your self care routine. TAKE CARE!
Tanika Denise
Crème Candle Co. Founder + Artisan